Some snow reports from Long Island and North Babylon

Nemo 2013: A few photos from Long Island during the Nemo snowstorm are at our Flickr: here.
Update: Friday February 26, 2010 at 12:35PM.  You found our old post from an old snow.  But yes, it’s snowing again on LI.  Still snowing.  Pretty cold too.  The car doors have frozen up. We’re tired of making snow videos.  Please enjoy the old ones.  Snow closings for LI are here:

Will post updates at this same post. (Don’t want to twitter too much.)


As of the early morning, North Babylon had 19 inches of snow. So, guessing we got at least 20 inches in total. The snow has stopped and neighbors are shoveling out their cars. My mom in Holbrook decided to cancel her Cookie Exchange Party for this evening.

Here are some updates as of Sunday at 3:19pm:

Newsday reports that these towns that have declared emergencies:



A report from Coram:

Phone rings as busy. Phone out.
Cable service affected (may affect tv/phone/computer access, etc.)

Hofstra University officials postponed the school’s commencement ceremony from Sunday to Monday at 11:30 a.m.


KW: A funny story, with a question…

Several years ago, I recall that when there was a big snowstorm–which means a lot of work for the towns to do in plowing roads–Town of Babylon Supervisor Steve Bellone was missing in action in Florida. But, News 12 allowed him to do a message to the citizens in a way that seemed like he might be in town.

Well…funny thing. I just switched on the radio to try and get fresh news on the weather. And, what did I hear? On Radio Station B103, they played a pre-recorded message from Steve Bellone, giving a holiday wish to everyone. I wonder if that was a little gift to our elected official to make him seem all warm and fuzzy and worthy of re-election. But, I also wonder if he is actually in town for the big storm.

And, if that mystery is not entertaining enough, the next song played was “I’ll be home for Christmas”. Was that a message from a cryptic DJ???? If anyone knows if Steve Bellone is in or out of town today, please, please tell me. I am so interested…

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