NY State Senators prepare to expel Monserrate…

(excerpt from) City Hall News
Senators Prepare to Expel Monserrate Regardless of Committee’s Findings

A Senate panel mulling the fate of Hiram Monserrate, who was convicted in November of misdemeanor assault [in a domestic violence scenario with his girlfriend], has completed four marathon sessions, pored over thousands of pages of documents and reviewed hundreds of hours of court proceedings. The committee expects to complete its work by the end of the year.

But a growing number of lawmakers say they have already made up their minds, and plan to move forward early next year with a vote to expel Monserrate regardless of the committee’s findings…

Senate officials say they expect such a measure to have broad support among both Republicans and Democrats in the chamber…

KW: In case I have not made it clear enough, if State Senator Monserrate is not expelled, I will be leading the charge of women activists to run candidates against all the NY State Senators. It is shocking that a man accused of violence against a woman is allowed to be “a leader”, and roam the halls of power, where women are trying to petition their government and lobby elected officials.

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