2009 Wilderside Political Prediction 2: Rep. Israel and Sheriff Demarco

Newsday published that Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco (C) is considering a run against 5-term Congressperson Steve Israel (D). Newsday states that

High-level political sources say Republicans “see the C [for Conservative] and the word Sheriff next to DeMarco’s name and see it as gold”

Since Rep. Israel is so far to the right, DeMarco will need to differentiate himself by run as an old school conservative/libertarian:

  • For instance, it seems that Israel, the editor of a collection of military speeches has never met a war he didn’t like.  In the 2000 campaign, Israel trumpeted that he supported the Iraq war because he read 2 books about how dangerous Iraq is.  The authors later turned out to be CIA assets.
  • Israel is famous for trying to trumpet his environmental credentials, but is perplexed when Green Party members have pointed out that the bloated US military is one of the largest causes globally warming.

It is therefore impossible for DeMarco to run to the right of Israel on the Middle East wars, much like McCain was left speechless in the third debate when Obama said he would increase the troops in Afghanistan.

Of course, DEmarco would not risk his hard-won Conservative credentials by speaking out for nonviolence.  (Heaven forfend someone might even mistake DeMarco for a Green Party member if he came out for nonviolence.)

The only choice left for DeMarco is to take a Libertarian stance against our Middle East wars, not opposing war or promoting nonviolence, but opposing these particular wars as unnecessary for our self-defense and a waste of our tax dollars.

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