About the tragedy in Haiti…

Haiti 2010 Earthquake damage. Photo by Clindberg.

For a website that is keeping up better than us with the situation in Haiti, you can check out our friend Roger Snyder’s site:
News For Greens.

Roger suggested two places to make charitable donations,
which are organizations we like, too.
For earthquake relief, and ongoing support,
please consider donating to:

Doctors Without Borders


American Friends Service Committee

It is good to remember there that are still people in the rubble who must be found. Thoughts, prayers, and rescue help are very valuable, in addition to strength and condolences to those already mourning.

We think it is important not to “throw money” at the problem without thought. Because, at times like these, bad people will try to catch some of the money. And, the worst case scenario is that your money will be used to support war and/or more greedy capitalism. So, please give carefully, for instance to the charities above.

For more about how some people will try to exploit the situation, Naomi Klein found some interesting documents at the Heritage Foundation. The story is at Democracy Now!: here.

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