PA Green Party calls for Veon trial to address PA’s Culture of Corruption

Carl Romanelli

Carl Romanelli

Green Party and its 2006 US Senate candidate were the object of Bonusgate abuses

Encourages deeper investigation by Attorney General and media.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania has called a press conference for Monday, February 1, at noon in the lobby area outside of Courtroom 1 at the Dauphin County Courthouse. The conference is set to coincide with the first day of the trial of former Democratic State Representative, Michael Veon, and three legislative staffers.

2006 Green Party US Senate candidate Carl Romanelli said:

The bonus scandal shows how determined the Democrats are in the pathological obsession with muting Greens, but the scandal alone does not explain why we could not get fair treatment from the courts. The Bonusgate investigation needs to look at what involvement there may have been on the part of attorneys, the court, and other officials. For example, what did Bob Casey know and when did he know it? It took a collusive effort on the part of many to come after us. What Ralph Nader, Larry Otter and I experienced is not simply the result of a handful of rogue employees in the legislature.

Earlier this month seven Bonusgate defendants entered pleas to felony counts of theft, conflict of interest, and conspiracy including specific activities related to the 2006 challenge of Carl Romanelli’s Senate candidacy. The pleas confirm that an organized effort led by high ranking officials in the PA House was used in order to remove Carl Romanelli from the 2006 Pennsylvania ballot.

According to the Harrisburg Grand Jury Presentment of July 10, 2008; and from information provided at preliminary hearings and plea hearings, it is now known that state workers were doing petition challenge and campaign work with state resources and while receiving their state salaries. Many of these workers were also given state-funded bonuses for participation in these activities. In 2006 more than $1,250,000.00 was paid by the House Democratic Caucus in bonuses alone.

The Green Party is respectful of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office’s having the will to prosecute these crimes against all taxpayers of the state. However, the party points out that Pennsylvania is in crisis and the culture of corruption goes much deeper than just the legislative branch of government.

Stephen Baker, 2006 Green Party Treasurer said, “

For years we have tried to amend the state’s ballot access laws. The crimes of Bonusgate are a prime example of why reform is needed now.  Despite the overwhelming evidence of egregious political activity, our candidate is still encumbered with a life-ruining debt to attorneys representing the Democrats.

Greens are pointing out that, in addition to Bonusgate, there have been many other scandals uncovered in Pennsylvania. “In just the past year we have seen the conviction of Vincent Fumo for his abuse of state resources, 23 officials arrested in Luzerne County’s ongoing federal corruption probe (including three judges), Schuylkill County police officers charged with obstructing a murder investigation, and 25 charged in Bonusgate,” pointed out GPPA chairperson, Hillary Kane. “It is clear that unless all of the dots are connected and proper reforms provided, our system will remain broken and the culture of corruption will continue to plague the citizens of Pennsylvania.”


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