Sat morning: It’s snowing in Long Island…

Update: It is now 7:38am in North Babylon, Long Island (ie: Western Suffolk, the middle of the island). There is no snow on the ground, and no snow falling right now (there were flurries a little while ago.) Yahoo weather now reports: “Chance of snow 90%. 1 to 3 inches of snow expected.” Will post further updates in comments of this post.

KW: For those of you from Long Island who go to your computer before opening the window…and for folks from out of town who have a keen interest in our weather and/or well-being:

The snowstorm that Long Island was supposed to get at 10pm last night (which made some people fret and not go out for their Friday night date), and then at midnight last night, and then at 3am last night/morning, was not happening at all when I looked out the window at 6am.

Now, it’s about  6:25 am, and I see a few flakes beginning to fall. The road does not look touched by white at all yet.

Below: Archival video of surprising snows in various places around the globe…


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  1. Hmmmm….faint, tiny flurries at 7:51am. Had I missed seeing them in my last report? Anyway, nothing on the ground or road yet.

  2. 8:40am – Pretty serious, tiny flakes flurrying down.

    A dusting on the grass and roads. Looks like it is going to stick.

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