Feedback on NY bill letting kids say “yes” to vaccine shots…

KW: I have had varied feedback on my post in opposition to Senate bill 4779, which would allow children (of an unspecified age) to receive vaccinations against sexually transmitted disease, without their parents permission or even knowledge. I do think that some people believe the bill is a good idea, because they presume “medicine” and “vaccines” are good, and therefore, children should be allowed to get those services easily in regards to sexual health.

The problem is, that “medicine” and “vaccines” are not always good. So, parents should be allowed to deliberate on medical decisions for their children and their families. And, a child should not be put in the position of saying YES to corporate medicine without their parents input or knowledge.

A friend of mine wrote an excellent letter to her NY State Senator and NY State Assemblyperson in opposition to the bill:

From a mom and education advocate, to her representatives:

WE OPPOSE BILL S4779/ A6702: Please vote against these bills.

We firmly believe in,” It’s our kids, our choice”. Government has no right to dictate to us about our Religious or Philosophical beliefs. Our country was founded on the belief of religious freedom, and this issue shakes up and looks to destroy the very core of what this country is suppose to stand for. We have not nor do we intend to relinquish our religious or philosophical freedoms due to pharmaceutical company lobbyists and their plan to make money by infecting our children’s otherwise health bodies with toxins that they have yet to prove do no real harm.

The jury is still out on what these vaccinations can truly do to a young child’s neuro-biological system. If I had the opportunity to do it all over again, I would never allow my children to be vaccinated with certain chemicals, which might have been the cause of so many allergic reactions and the cause of one of my child’s autism.

With that said, I hope you vote against these bills, and reach out to others in the senate/assembly to do the same. Rally against this campaign, which only serves to harm more children than we will ever know about.

The number of children with Autism and other neuro-biological learning disorders are increasing every day and no one knows that better than I do. As an Education Advocate who fights for the rights of these very children, I can speak to the pain and suffering the passage of these bills would cause. If we are genuinely interested in bring fiscal responsibility to NYS, then let this be one of the vetoed bills that can do that. When we allow our children to be subjected to vaccinations, which have yet to be proven safe, and the cause of so many learning disabilities, we burden the school system with unnecessary financial burdens in special education. We burden the children’s parents with legal bills paid to fight to get their children an appropriate education.

The pharmaceutical companies are rich enough and they continue to get richer every day with the high rising cost of medicines. Why then aren’t we asking these companies to foot a percentage of the bill that it takes to fund special education? Instead, our taxes go up every year to pay for these children special education. I bet if we started asking the pharmaceutical companies for that tax money they would stop asking us to infect our children bodies with their vaccinations, which contain chemicals that harm our kids.

Respectfully and sincerely yours,
Mrs. Rosemarie C. Komorowski

Write to your representatives today! Tell them to say NO!


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