Guv cand Whitney (G-IL) at 9%

Rich Whitney’s Reaction to Public Policy Polling Results

Rich Whitney

Rich Whitney

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney (IL) is encouraged by the results of the latest polling data from Public Policy Polling. Mr. Whitney was able to garner nine (9) percent in the most current poll, which was collected June 12-13th. It was the first time that the candidate was included in this data collection. Mr. Whitney and the Green party are a recognized party and on the ballot in Illinois as a result of the state wide elections in 2006.

“My 10.5 percent showing in 2006 was clearly not a fluke”, said Rich Whitney. “I have retained and built a substantial base of support among the voting public—not based on dislike of the other candidates, but on actual support for my stances on the issues—at what is still a relatively early stage of the race.”

“As the race progresses and more people become aware of my policies and the fact that I am the only one with an actual plan for solving the disastrous state budget and reviving our failing economy—my numbers can be expected to climb. Meanwhile, as more voters look at the actual performance in office of my two opponents, and their lack of any real answers, let alone good answers for the problems facing our state, their numbers can be expected to decline.”

Whitney concluded by expressing enthusiasm at campaign ahead. He commented that “the people of the state of Illinois deserve an honest leader who will guide them with real solutions and a viable future and I look forward to the opportunity over the coming months to spread my message and watch my support grow from all sides of the political spectrum.”

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