Personnel change at WBAI FM in NYC, Pacifica Radio

99.5FM, WBAI/Pacifica Radio out of New York City, is an important place for information on news, activism, social justice, war and peace. WBAI’s airwaves extend into Long Island, and there is a vibrant listenership here.

Because WBAI is such an important, progressive institution, there are often battles and conflicts from the inside and out. I cannot always keep up, and am woefully out of the loop.

Still, thought it is at least interesting that there will be an upcoming change of leadership at this local station of the Pacifica Radio network.

Muriel Tillinghast was/is the interim General Manager at WBAI. Berthold Reimers will be the new, interim General Manager, beginning July 19, 2010. – KW

Here is the beginning of the announcement from the WBAI website:

New General Manager Appointed at WBAI

The Pacifica Foundation is pleased to announce that Berthold Reimers, former Director of Medicaid and Child Health Plus programs at HIP of New York, has accepted the position of interim General Manager at WBAI. He will assume his managerial duties on July 19, 2010. Mr Reimers, a longtime activist and participant in numerous social programs in the New York Metropolitan Area, has had an extensive and fruitful relationship with WBAI extending over more than a decade. From 2003 to 2006 he served as the chair of the station’s Local Governing Board…

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  1. And for some reason Pacifica and WBAI have all stopped XML feeds of their shows for podcasts. Anyone know why?

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