IL Green Party to hold convention in Chicago 7/30 – 8/1/10

Rich Whitney

Rich Whitney

Next weekend, the Illinois Green Party will kick off its annual state convention, designed to draw not only party members, but interested outsiders, independent thinkers and those who want a break from the corrupt two-party system.
  • Saturday Keynote: RICH WHITNEY, candidate for Governor
  • Sunday Keynote: LEALAN JONES, candidate for U.S. Senate
  • A “Campaign School” for those interested in running for office or supporting candidates
  • Speeches by candidates across the board in county, state and statewide races
  • Talks on Green issues including:  Universal Healthcare, Privatizing Public assets, Sustainable Energy, The Re-localization Movement, Demilitarizing Youth and Abolishing Illinois’ Death Penalty
ALSO–Green Party membership will assemble to vote on changes to the state party platform and welcome our new Secretary of State Candidate.
The meeting takes place in Loyola University Chicago’s Simpson Living and Learning Center (6333 N Winthrop Ave, Chicago).  A fundraiser dinner will take place on Saturday night at The Heartland Café (7000 N. Glenwood ) featuring music, poetry, a silent auction and, yes, a humorous look at the political landscape from a Green perspective.
Visit for a complete schedule of events.

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