Did a tornado strike North Babylon?

Trees down in North Babylon. Storm on 7/25/2010.

A friend of Ian’s took photos of clouds near our home (this is further South, on Montauk Avenue) on the same day. Looks like a tornado to me! You have to log in to a FaceBook account to see these: here.

The weather service says Long Island was not a tornado. Hmmm…I think I disagree.

Anyway, it was a tornado in The Bronx. Great story with video: here.

KW: There was a big storm that blew across New York City and Long Island tonight. It definitely hit our apartment complex. The man from downstairs took his laundry basket and opened the door to go out at the beginning of the storm and decided to give up because of the force of the rain and wind.

After the storm, the power was out at our apartment complex. And, we heard rumors it was all of Deer Park and North Babylon. We escaped to Copiague, and a few traffic lights were out along the way on Sunrise highway.

Also, on the other side of our complex, several big tree branches were down. And, neighbors reported to us that in two places, the tree branches had fallen so that they were drilled into the ground and standing straight up. I think it may have been a mini tornado that touched down. The news reports I see don’t confirm that. But, there had been a tornado warning for our town and other surrounding areas, and there were lots and lots of heavy winds. I heard hail falling during the heavy rain, and hail often happens with tornadoes.

We are back at home. The power is back on. The neighbors cleared the big branches from the road. And, all seems pretty okay again. Knock on wood (and/or a fallen branch).

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