2011 GP Annual National Meeting Coordinator Position

Meeting Coordinator Position: While not always needed, the ANM has a limited budget for a meeting coordinator to pull together local and national efforts. Typically this position is not filled until 2-3 months before the meeting. The hosting party may need to make significant advance planning efforts prior to that time.

Typical Meeting Tasks Coordinated by the Local or State Organization:

* Identification of transportation available to and from the meeting, including ride coordination
* Assistance with venue related issues, such as meal planning and internet access
* Identify local businesses such as restaurants and nightclubs, defining spaces where Greens can meet at night for relaxation and entertainment
* Define and coordinate local actions that will help support the host party, such as ballot access
* Publicize meeting and related events
* Home stays for attendees with limited incomes
* Plan and coordinate joint event between the national and the local/state party for the purpose of raising funds.

Requirements for the Annual Meeting

When: Summer 2011 for 3 to 5 days.  (ideally Thurs-Sunday with the possibility of either a partial Wednesday or Monday)

Expected Attendance: 100-150 including delegates, committee members, media and staff.

Space needs: One space that can seat 150 people, multiple workshop spaces, additional rooms for press and staff/HQ, and a registration area.  Rooms should be available throughout the duration of the event and should be in close proximity to one another.

Other needs: Ability for many individuals to work with computers and have internet access, including for committee work, overhead screen and production capability, and live streaming capability.

Desired location: States or locals that have not hosted in recent years are preferred. Close proximity to a transportation hub is desired.  For this meeting, an inexpensive setting is desired. A hotel or convention center is acceptable.  Universities and community colleges often have unused space during the summer months, and can provide low cost housing.  Retreat centers and/or camp grounds with fixed cabins and other facilities are also acceptable.  All facilities must be fully accessible.  Other strategic interests will also be considered such as a state with party-building opportunities (i.e. ballot access).

Important Dates

Letter of Intent: By September 30, 2010

Complete proposal: No later than November 15, 2010

Once letters are received, you will receive a formal RFP Package with specific needs and requirements.  Please note, submission of a letter of intent does not obligate you to submit a full proposal.

Meeting General Outline

Financial arrangements: GPUS handles and is responsible for financial arrangements for the meeting including reservation expenses.

Local/state commitment: It is essential that there are a good many local Greens who are able and willing to work both on planning the meeting with the national planning committee (including a conference call every two weeks) and at the meeting itself. There should be at least three people locally on the ground who can set up and attend meetings with convention planners at proposed venues, have both e-mail and some cell phone contact. Both the state and local party if applicable should be involved and supportive and be willing to help promote convention. During the convention itself having at least 5-8 local volunteers is desirable.

*Note that the ANMC will advise and direct as needed and requested. Please send questions, comments, suggestions, and proposals to Wayne Turner at build4green@ nc.rr.com and Hillary Kane at hillarya@upenn. edu. Please contact us as soon as you think you might want to host the Annual Meeting so we can answer your questions and work with you to develop your proposal. Communication is key.

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