Deshefy (G-CT) Blasts Courtney’s Anti-Peace Vote

Scott Deshefy

Scott Deshefy

Green Party candidate for the Second Congressional District Scott Deshefy (CT) blasted Democrat Joe Courtney for voting against a resolution pulling troops out of Pakistan. The Green Party of the U.S. had been urging Congress to pass House Resolution 301 to remove US forces from Pakistan. The  resolution was introduced by Reps. Dennis Kucinich (D-Oh.) and Ron Paul (R-Tex.), who said that President Obama’s plans for an increase of US troops in Pakistan violate the 1973 War Powers Authorization. The resolution had both Democrat and Republican supporters.

Scott Deshefy said he supports an end to the US war on Afghanistan, which the Obama Administration has escalated by deploying more troops and ordering air attacks across the border in Pakistan. The Green Party opposes the current war escalation supplemental bill and all proposals to increase war funding.

Deshefy said

Mr. Obama is repeating the reckless and illegal policies of the Bush-Cheney Administration. His refusal to consult Congress about expanding the war, in violation of the War Powers Resolution, proves that he has learned from his predecessors that he can overstep his power with impunity. That’s why the Kucinich-Paul resolution was so important — it holds the White House to at least some standard of accountability!

Deshefy said that the election of a few Greens to Congress would establish an uncompromised antiwar bloc, which would demand quick withdrawal of all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; oppose funding for the wars, and support reductions in military spending.

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