Credo Long Distance Sells Out NYS Anti-Fracking Movement

say no to fracking

Image by arimoore via Flickr

Ian Wilder: Credo is asking New Yorkers to call their elected representative to vote for a study of hydrofracking.  This is just a cover to protect the politicians until this election day.  Credo and the State elected officials know hydrofracking is dangerous,  they should pass a ban right now.  The only time that elected officials pay some attention to what the voters want is when there election is coming up.  The NYS Senate and Assembly are both up for re-election this year.  Tell them to

Ban HydroFracking

The Credo pablum gets worse int hat it talks about NYC water.  Do these guys know there is a whole huge state north of NYC,  and a good chunk of their water is also endangered by hydrofracking.  Don’t let Credo push for the Bloomberg deal of protecting NYC watershed while selling out everyone else’s water.

Ban HydroFracking Statewide!

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