Don’t let Yes! Magazine Sell Out the Anti-Fracking Movement. Support Hawkins!

say no to fracking

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from The Fight Against Fracking: New York Senate Passes Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing.

The incoming governor will be the focus of attention post-election. Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins has called for a total ban on the practice. Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Republican Rick Lazio say they are in favor of “safe” drilling. Activists are already showing up at Cuomo’s statewide rallies to let him know that fracking isn’t safe.

You’re kidding!!  Yes! magazine identifies a candidate, Hawkins, who supports a fracking ban.  So, of course, they then encourage all the fracking ban activists to spend all their time raising funds for Hawkins, and campaigning for him.


Instead Yes! magazine encourages people to do what?  Spend their time yelling at the fringes of the guy who opposes your position?

Cuomo knows fracking is not safe, and he doesn’t care.

When is Yes! magazine going to stop kissing up to Democratic/Republicans candidates?  Democratic/Republican politicians don’t care about your rallies, marches, emails or letters.

As Kimberly said:

Stop wasting your time Cuomo stalkin’
Start working to elect fracking ban Hawkins

There is only one thing Democratic/Republican candidates care about: money and votes.

Money and Votes

If you start taking money and votes away, then the Democratic/Republican candidates will pay attention.

Wanna get Cuomo’s attention?

  • Send him a copy of your volunteer card for the Hawkins campaign.
  • Send him a copy of your donation check to Hawkins with a note about a fracking ban.
  • NO, better! Send Cuomo an invitation to a fracking ban fundraiser for Hawkins.

Cuomo will get the message loud and clear.

And while your at it tell Yes! magazine you are tired of their fronting for the Democratic/Republican corporate parties.  Write them a letter to the editor. Let them know that you got fooled by Obama pretending to be with you while he campaigned against you.   You remember that candidate Obama said he was for “safe” nuclear energy, and now Obama is the first president in decades to fund new nuclear power plants.  You are gonna take politicians at their word from now on. Cuomo says he’s gonna frack you over, and you know he means it.

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