Council cand Darryl L.C. Moch (G-DC) endorsed by McKinney & Murphy

Darryl L.C. Moch, Statehood Green Party candidate for D.C. City Council (At-Large) in the September 14 primary, endorsed by 2008 Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney and longtime D.C. activist Luci Murphy


• Endorsement from Cynthia McKinney:

Cynthia McKinney's Congressional photo.

Cynthia McKinney

I am Cynthia McKinney and I endorse Darryl L.C. Moch for DC City Council.  Darryl Moch asked me to endorse his candidacy for D.C. City Council At-Large. Let me tell you why I said ‘yes, I will,’ and I do. Darryl and I believe the ideals of social justice in the Green Party are attainable. For Darryl in D.C., it’s the Statehood Green Party. He has worked literally as a national voice for American workers’ rights; he has also been a leading voice for HIV/AIDs prevention and treatment and equal access to college education for minority students. He’ll bring that same energy and activism to local issues; he commits to listen and represent residents who want public education respectful of parents and teachers, locally owned businesses that hire and pay qualified residents, and programs that provide access to affordable housing, child care, and transportation. Darryl Moch’s D.C. has statehood and a government accountable to the people. He has
already rolled up his sleeves, working to replace the sharp socioeconomic divide in D.C. with a respect for its culturally rich past and a shared prosperity in its revitalization.

I Know Darryl for his work including his advocating for seniors, mental health services, the LGBTQ community, schools, and he served as advisor to local, state, and national elected leaders and other leaders in communities.  Simply put, his work and life have been dedicated to making things better for people, everyday, hard working people and those who have been overlooked and underrepresented at every level.  He will be a representative for all people from every class, culture, religion, race, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

I stand for Darryl Moch.  He is what our party, country, and DC- our nation’s capital- needs, new energy and an invigoration of the people’s agenda.  I stand with him.  He brings tremendous vision and bold new leadership working for Justice, Progress, and Accountability.  I know he is a hard worker and his work around the country for community groups, non profits, children, and families is stellar.  He is a bright shining star has integrity and principles.  He is, and will continue to be, an amazing servant leader, for all of DC.  I urge the DC Statehood Green Party, and indeed all of DC to forge a course forward and vote Darryl L.C. Moch the next DC City Council member at-large. I fully support and endorse Darryl L.C. Moch for DC City Council At-large.

For The People…For A Change.

Cynthia McKinney, Green Party, Candidate for President 2008

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