Governor Paladino [or maybe Governor Hawkins] (via NT2: Nec Temere, Nec Timide)

“There’s something else to consider. Other states have embraced total outsiders and lived to tell the tale. Think California with “Ah-nold” and Minnesota with Jesse Ventura. There was no disaster in those states. Novice pols didn’t do any worse than experienced pols. In fact, some people think they did better.”

Um, hate to mention this fellas, but Jesse was a (be careful I’m gonna say a dirty word”) third party candidate. that’s something that the corporate media , and ahem pundits, tend to ignore. Just like they ignore the ability of IRV to solve they negative campaigning that said media/pundits tend to lament about every election season. Well, one of the reasons that Ventura took off in the election was that the voters were allowed to decide instead of the media. All the candidates were invited debate, and Ventura shown as the best qualified. His polls numbers jumped. Toke note that poll numbers are an effect of a debate, not the cause for excluding debaters. So, yeah, third party candidates make good governors when they don’t have to spend all their time defending democracy.

If you check old posts, you’ll see that we were saying some unusually affirmative things about Carl Paladino from the start. (See: In Defense of Carl Paladino, April 13) It’s not that we’re prescient. Even though we were making points in Paladino’s favor, we never expected this outcome – a blowout. Clearly, there’s something going on out there that everyone was underestimating. Part of it was Lazio. Not to be mean to the vanquished, but he simply … Read More

via NT2: Nec Temere, Nec Timide

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