Two LI school districts consider bankruptcy

(excerpt from) Newsday
2 LI school districts warn: Cuts could mean bankruptcy

by John Hildebrand / September 28, 2010

Roosevelt school leaders have  joined their Wyandanch  counterparts in warning that recent state-aid cuts could mean “devastating” losses of services to students – with some board trustees in both communities raising the specter of bankruptcy…

Board president Denise Baines said she hoped to arrange a meeting this week between her panel and a lawyer to explore the bankruptcy option. “They [the state] have turned their backs on the district,” she said.

Later in the day, however, the Island’s representative to the Board of Regents, Roger Tilles, said state education staffers in Albany told him that Roosevelt’s and Wyandanch’s boards were legally prohibited from declaring bankruptcy. Any attempt to do so, Tilles added, could result in the state’s replacing board trustees with others who would be required to balance district budgets – presumably, either through tax increases or service cuts.”There wouldn’t be any benefit to them economically, and they would lose local control,” Tilles said…

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