US wasting time whining over China’s clean energy subsidies rather than funding its own

OMG, someon buy the US a clue.  The US constantly uses the excuse that we can’t meet climate goals because China burns too much coal, and now when China becomes the world’s largest clean energy producer they still complain.  How about we fund our own clean energy industry.  Start building windmill and solar farms.  The best thing we could do for the steelworkers, and the whole rest of the planet, is to have massive investment in clean energy in the US.

Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand joined the United Steelworkers in urging the Obama administration to investigate China’s subsidies of clean energy projects, which are alleged to violate international trade rules. She also requested a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to discuss these accusations.

via Pressure mounts over China’s clean energy subsidies – New York on the Potomac.

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