Update: Man killed by Suffolk Police. Police give little answers.

To learn more about the shooting, support the family, see photos of Kevin, and get action ideas, you can join the Stand Up For Kevin FaceBook page: here.


Action Update April 2012: A member of Kevin Callahan’s extended family pointed me to a march, posted at the Justice for Kenny website: here.

On April 14, 2012 at 10am in Bay Shore/5th Avenue there will be a march for justice, dedicated to the victims of police brutality at the hands of the Suffolk County Police: Kenny Lazo, Kevin Callahan, Brenda Gaines.


Kevin Callahan

Newsday, a local, subscription-only newspaper, has done an on-line story about the current status of the case.

(excerpt from) Newsday
Family of man shot by police wants details
Originally published: October 13, 2011
By Tania Lopez  tania DOT lopez AT newsday DOT com

An attorney for the family of a Selden man shot to death by Suffolk police last month said authorities have yet to answer the family’s request for details about what led to the shooting.

“The Callahan family is still suffering from grief and shock following Kevin’s death,” Rockville Centre attorney Joseph McCann wrote in a statement Thursday. “We have requested information from the District Attorney and the Police Department, but it has not been forthcoming. We hope that the investigation will be expedited, and the many questions surrounding Kevin’s death will be addressed.”

A call to the district attorney’s office was not returned. Suffolk police officials were not available for comment…

There are some big questions lingering: Did the man who was shot and killed even have a weapon on or near him? Were the police called to the house for a different person, or for something related to the man killed?

The community needs to understand more about this situation, and if it demonstrates the need for any change in police procedures.

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(This story is somewhat out-of-date, as it expressed my initial concerns and speculations-KW)

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  1. We love you Kevin and we will never give up.

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