In Italy: Elections show success of new, anti-austerity party: “The Five Star Movement”

Italy’s “Five Star Movement” sounds a lot like the Green Party pillars and/or the Occupy Movement. Hope folks in the United States can keep linking in to the powerful, anti-austerity energy in Europe.

(excerpt from) Common Dreams
Big Winner in Italian Election? The Five Star Movement
The Big Loser? Austerity

Feb 26, 2013 / by Craig Brown

Italy’s two major political parties are stunned by the results of this week’s elections: the dramatic surge of the anti-establishment Movimento Cinque Stelle (The Five Star Movement).

The actual outcome of the Italian election remains in doubt, but there’s no question who the big winner was: comedian-turned-political activist Beppe Grillo and the Five Star Movement (M5S)…

The Five Star Movement’s anti-austerity, anti-establishment message struck a chord with millions of Italians. The ‘Five Stars’ of the movement are the party’s core principles:

1. Publicly owned water
2. Sustainable transportation
3. Sustainable development
4. Free and open internet access
5. Environmentalism

Read the full story at Common Dreams: here

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