Newsday Censors the NY Green Party, Again



For years Newsday has cut Green Party coverage out of articles.  They pretend our candidates,a our party, don’t exist.  And I am not talking about articles that just mention the 2 corporate parties.  I mean articles that are specifically about the smaller parties.  Take for instance this article by Dan Janison: Cross-endorsements loom for Cuomo, year after bid to change Wilson-Pakula.  The article discusses or a quotes a leader from the Democratic, Republican, Conservative Working Families and Independence Parties.  Only 1 New York State Ballot access party is not mentioned: Green Party.

Now I understand that it would be embarrassing to the other third parties to mention the Green Party.  You see, New York State requires a political party to receive 50,000 votes for their Governor candidate to remain a ballot access party.  Janison pretends in his article that the only way for a third party to obtain that many votes is to run one of the corporate Democratic/Republican governor candidates on their line, even if the candidate goes against what they stand for.  The case in point is made in the article that the anti-union Democratic Governor Cuomo ran last time on the Working Families line which pretends to be pro-union.  (This supposed conflict is not surprising since the Working Families Party has in the past pretended to be anti-fracking and anti-war, but only for a short enough time to get votes.)

The Green Party ruins all of this mythology.  The Green Party has been consistently pro-union, anti-fracking, and anti-war. (In fact the peace sign is the ballot symbol of the NY Green Party.)  And to top it all off, the Green Party has gotten 50,000 votes on its line by running its own candidate.

Let Janison know you expect better reporting by commenting on the article or tweeting him @Danjanison.




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