OTWS: Suffolk Ballot Propositions 2014

Suffolk County Ballot Propositions 2014 results:
Prop 4 – Financial Consolidation – PASSED (61.45% to 38.54%), with the ironic outcome that the County Executive just gave more power to the County Comptroller position, and a Republican won for Comptroller. At least there is some justice in this world!)
Prop 5 – Shuffling and returning environmental funds – PASSED (65.66 to 34.44)

For Suffolk County election results, check out the fancy data page at the Suffolk County Board of Elections: here. (Remember that it is Suffolk-only totals, so the statewide races will not necessarily reflect the overall winners and losers.)

New York State Ballot Proposition 2014 results:
Update as of 11/5/2014: All three propositions passed. Article at “Capital New York”: here.

Suffolk County Ballot Propositions
and New Y
ork State Ballot Propositions

Onthewilderside Voting Guide:

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Don’t forget to FLIP your ballot paper over
for the propositions!

Prop 1Redistricting Commission
MIXED THOUGHTS. This bill would make only a small improvement to a very bad statewide redistricting process. Many advocates want to hold out for an even better solution. Vote yes or no, depending on how adamantly you feel about it. (A statewide proposition)

Prop 2Electronic versions of bills
YES. Will allow some versions of bills to be posted on-line instead of on paper. Seems like a measure to keep our government and laws up to date with the information age. (A statewide proposition)

Prop 3Bonding for technology
NO. The purchases under this proposal will include buying computers for private and parochial schools with our tax money. Anyway, why put anything with a short shelf-life on debt? (A statewide proposition)

Prop 4Financial Consolidation
NO, NO, NO. Seeks to combine the county Treasurer and Comptroller office. This prop seems like a gimmick to combine two elected offices and pretend that will save money. Though, the prop is even worse, because it takes away some financial oversight of our local government. (A Suffolk County prop. Resolution No. 507-2014. Sometimes called Suffolk County Proposition “1”)

Prop 5An environmental cover-up

NO, NO, NO. The County Executive played a game and spent earmarked funds in the wrong way. This prop tries to “cover his tracks”. Let’s go back to the drawing board for a solution, and let our elected officials know that financial shenanigans are not too easily forgiven.
(A Suffolk County prop. Resolution No. 579-2014. Sometimes called Suffolk County Proposition “2”)

Why are we RAVEN about

Prop 4 and Prop 5 ?????

More info on Prop 4 is at The League of Women Voters website here:


More thoughts from onthewilderside about the Suffolk Ballot Propositions:

Prop 5 (A Charter Law Amending the 1/4 % Suffolk County Drinking Water Protection Program (DWPP) for Enhanced Water Quality Protection, Wastewater Infrastructure and General Property Fund Tax Relief…) has been mentioned by some politicians and environmental bureaucrats as a way to plug a hole in the budget. Though, the problem is how the hole got there…The County Executive misused funds from the clean drinking water funds. Having the voters approve Prop 5 is a way to go backwards and cover-up his wrongdoing. It would be fixing the problem in a method that does not show our government the error of its ways. And, smoothing it over like this will make it easier for politicians to misuse funds in the future.

To top it off…

After having made this budget misuse of clean drinking water, the county officials now want you to give them more power. If we allow Prop 4 (Financial Management Consolidation) to pass, we will create less financial accountability in the future. The way it stands, we have an elected Treasurer to collect and spend money and an elected Comptroller to audit and oversee that money is spent wisely. Combining the two offices will take away some of the democracy over our money, and make it easier for one political party to control all the money.

The Raven says:

Don’t forget to FLIP
your ballot over and…

Vote NO
for Prop 4 & 5


Text of Propositions 1, 2 and 3 can be found at League of Women Voters NYS Guide 2014 (PDF).

Text of Propositions 4 and 5 can found at the League of Women Voters Suffolk County Guide 2014 (PDF)

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