Civil Rights Conference hilights Gordon’s MalApportionment Penalty (MAP) initiative.

National Civil Rights Conference will highlight Asa Gordon‘s advocacy for the MalApportionment Penalty (MAP) initiative.

Asa Gordon studies one of his famous map charts. Chicago 2008.

Asa Gordon studies one of his famous map charts. Chicago 2008.

At long last, after a decade and a half of advocacy to enforce “the right to vote” MalApportionment Penalty (MAP) clause in Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (Amend. XIV§2), a clause that mandates proportional allocation of elected representatives based on the popular vote split, or for a state to suffer a “Reduction of Representation” pursuant to title 2 section 6 of the United States Code (2USC§6) for any abridgment of citizen voting rights , the MAP initiative (voting rights “Roots”) will be honored and featured in a National Conference for Civil Rights activists.

The Malapportionment Penalty(MAP) initiative will be highlighted at the 2016 National Civil Rights Conference (NCRC)., June 19-22

The  MalApportionment Penalty initiative for the enforcement of voting rights pursuant to the Reduction of Representation clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, has now received establishment recognition by organizers of the Nation’s signature Civil Rights conference. The MAP initiative will be provided a major platform for exposure to civil rights advocates and academics by the invitation extended by The National Education and Empowerment Coalition, Inc to MAP advocate Asa Gordon.

Gordon is the Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party Electoral College Task Force and the Executive Director of the Douglass Institute of Government. Gordon served as a keynote speaker, will deliver a singular presentation at the conference and was granted two workshops at the 2016 National Civil Rights Conference (NCRC), June 19-22, in Meridian-Philadelphia, Mississippi with the conference theme: Rise, Advocate, Educate and Cooperate: Honoring the past and Embracing the Future.

NCRC Agenda:


Green Party press releases:

“Greens: Enforce 14th Amendment’s ‘Right to Vote’ Provision”

“US Constitution Mandates Penalties for States Where Votes are Obstructed”


Green Party:

“Civil Action Revives a Lost and Forgotten Voting Rights Demand of the March on Washington.”_GreenPapers_Asa Gordon.

“Neo-Redemption Gerrymandering of the Electoral College,
Suffer Loss of Representatives to Congress”_GreenPages_Asa Gordon.

“Taxpayer Voter ID Act would allow more citizens to vote”__GreenPages_Asa Gordon.

AH American History TV_CSPAN3:

U.S. Colored Troops and Voting Rights
Asa Gordon talked about the role of the U.S. Colored Troops in establishing voting rights after the Civil War.

Voting Rights and the 14th Amendment .
Panelists talked about how the end of the Civil War led to the 14th Amendment,

This Long-Lost Constitutional Clause Could Save the Right to Vote
It’s time to start enforcing Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment.
By Richard Kreitner_JANUARY 21, 2015

MAP webase:
The  “Democratize the Electoral College” civil actions ( ) Mal-Apportionment Penalty-MAP initiative:
( )  demonstrates how “voter suppression” tactics, “Winner-take-all”,  and “Gerrymandered Districts” in national presidential elections violates the proportional electoral mandate of the second section of the Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution  adopted during Reconstruction.

Asa Gordon_(202)635-7926
Chair DC Statehood Green Party Electoral College Task Force
Exe. Dir. Douglass Institute of Government
Sec. Gen. Sons & Daughters United States Colored
NASA /GSFC Astrodynamicist (Ret.)



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