Bumper sticker: “Green Party: America’s Peace Party”

Green Party: America’s Peace Party. Want to say that on a bumper sticker? You can, by stopping by our Cafe Press shop here:  “Green Party America’s Peace Party” bumper sticker at Cafe Press


History of the “Peace Party” slogan:

In 2006, as Greens in New York prepared for the gubernatorial election, the phrase evolved “Green Party — America’s Peace Party.” Greens in Suffolk liked the idea so much, that local Greens Ian Wilder and Kimberly Wilder decided to turn it into a bumper sticker. That bumper sticker is still for sale at Cafe Press.

Moving forward ten years… A #Demexit story…When the more peace-ful Democrat of primary season gave up on the race this year, people around the internet found that bumper sticker. We don’t know if it is disillusioned Bernie Sanders supporters, or stubborn Greens re-asserting their reality, but several times a week, people are purchasing our beautiful, green bumper sticker with the peace sign and the words “Green Party – America’s Peace Party”.

Is the Green Party truly America’s Peace Party?

Green_party_anti-war_posterWe believe that the Green Party is truly America’s only peace party.  In fact, we were tempted to coin the phrase “The Green Party: America’s only Peace Party”. After all, people need to finally realize that the leaders of the Democratic Party are not truly for peace. Democrat Party Presidents have led America into war. Too many Democratic presidential hopefuls and Democratic Congresspeople have voted for war. A peace-focused party from the past, “The Pacifist Party”, seems to have faded into the background. Other progressive or social justice parties who strive to be anti-war, sometimes hold onto ideas such as “just war”, which abandon the shining principle of true peace.

The Green Party of the United States is part of the larger Green Party movement, whose “Four Pillars” include “nonviolence”, expressed sometimes as “peace” or “peace/nonviolence”. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s 2016 presumptive nominee for President, promises on her website to…

Establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End the wars and drone attacks, cut military spending by at least 50% and close the 700+ foreign military bases that are turning our republic into a bankrupt empire.

The Green Party truly is America’s Peace Party.


More thoughts on why the Green Party is America’s Peace Party:

The Green Party has always been part of the national peace movement. The Green Party has worked with peace organizations such as UFPJ and Not In Our Name. A the national, state, and local level, Green Party organizations have signed on to rallies opposing The War in Afghanistan and The War in Iraq. Green Party candidates have frequently been speakers at these peace rallies.

The Green Party’s ballot line often hosts candidates who speak out for peace, including: David McReynolds, former Secretary of the War Resisters League, for US Senate, New York; Efia Nwangaza, a Not in Our Name Steering Committee member, for US Senate, South Carolina; Malik Rahim, for US House of Representatives, Louisiana; and Barry Hermanson, a 2016 Green Party candidate for US House of Representatives, California, who features on his website the campaign issue, “Cut bloated military spending.”

It’s time for the rank and file of America’s peace movement to come home to America’s peace party. Today we march, tomorrow we vote Green Party.


FAQ and who you can gift these bumper stickers to…

Now that Bernie Sanders is out of the race, many former Sanders supporters are realizing that the Green Party is the only, true peace party.

Give a “Green Party America’s Peace Party” bumper sticker to one of your disillusioned, Bernie friends.

Can’t vote for Hillary? Vote for Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein. Stein is on the Green Party ballot for President 2016.

2016 Elections got you down? Can’t stomach a vote for Trump or Clinton? Vote Green Party, America’s Peace Party.



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