Thurston Moore and more at the New Year’s Day Poetry Marathon

Thurston Moore read at The Poetry Project’s annual New Year’s Day Marathon Reading. Ian and Kimberly attended with their friend David Kirschenbaum of Boog City.

We had a wonderful time. We caught just a few photos and videos of the proceedings.

One of the highlights was Anne Waldman’s poem about suffering. You can find a video of Anne Waldman’s performance: here. We did not have time to record the moment, we were just lucky enough to catch some of it ourselves. Thurston Moore was awesome, see the video above, and one below. Caught a video excerpt of Tracie Morris (will be posted soon). And, some more photos below.

Jerome Harris and Tracie Morris. NYC 2017.


The Poetry Project 2017

Jonas Mekas reads poetry

Jonas Mekas is 94 years old. He claims his dad did handstands on chimneys at 100.

Above: Thurston Moore recites his poem “Pilot Light” and mentions his new book “Working Your Magic” from Ecstatic Peace Press, 2017.


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