Alternative Education Conference 8/3 – 8/6/17

2017 AERO ConferenceMy father, Julian Wilder, was an Education Professor at Adelphi University.  He had been referenced by futurist Alvin Toffler for his work. Dad did not believe any testing, and especially standardized tests, were of any use to teachers or students.  He would have been at the front lines speaking out against Common Core and supporting Opt-out. He walked his talk. His students did projects where they learned and could actually apply their classwork in their own classrooms.  They did much more work than they would have for tests, and praised him for it.  My Dad did a lot more work grading the projects that he would have for tests.  He brought home carts full of project binders to grade.

Mention that you saw this post and get a discount to the 2017 alternative education AERO conference.

My Dad worked closely with Jerry Mintz and his organization, AERO [Alternative Education Resource Organization]. AERO holds an internationally recognized alternative education conference every year.  There is a pdf flyer for the AERO 2017 conference.  Please share it with your favorite educator.  More information about the conference, and how to register, is on their website.

The AERO conference is an annual gathering of cutting edge, innovative educators. It involves administrators, teachers, parents and students who are interested in and support the idea of learner-centered education, rather than a one-size-fits-all system. Attendees come from a spectrum of alternatives, including home schools, as well as others from the mainstream who are interested in learning about those approaches.

Keynote speakers include:  Dennis Littky, Dayna Martin, John Gatto,  Joanna Faber, and Jonathan Kozol.

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