Ohio city warned to avoid tainted water: government/industry mistake

The supplier accidentally gave the city water department “hydrochloric acid”, instead of “fluoride” to add to the water. Seems like it was caught in time, and no serious injuries. Though, it raises the issue of just how important the public water supply is, and should we be experimenting with dumping any chemicals into our water? […]

Acid leak injures 7 people, Lowe’s store in Medford

Acid leak injures seven, evacuates Lowe’s in Medford BY CHRISTINE ARMARIO Wednesday, June 18, 2008 Seven people were hospitalized and shoppers evacuated from a Lowe’s home improvement store in Medford [Long Island, New York] yesterday when employees trying to lift a case of hydrochloric acid accidentally damaged several of the containers, officials said… Suffolk police […]