Got royal wedding fever?: Alternative eye candy (via Peace Couple)

The Duke and Duchess of Peace have devoted their lives to working for nonviolence and a world without war. They believe that the nature of other royal systems is ultimately to glamorize the military and/or to distract people from politics and real life with visions of celebrity. So, Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna would ask […]

Towaway Zone by Jim Frazzitta

[youtube=] Jim Frazzitta and members of Nylon & Steel perform “Towaway Zone“, a song off his upcoming 2nd solo album, at the Grateful Shed Halloween Party in October 2010.  Frazzitta (guitar, harmonica, and vocals) is accompanied by Paul Cama (drums), J Williams (vocals), and Ian Wilder (vocals).  The video was recorded by Kimberly Wilder.  More […]

Guv cand Hawkins (G-NY): Overhaul Criminal Justice System, End Drug War, Help Solve Budget Deficit

The only way that the Green Party can regain ballot status in NY is to get 50,000 votes for their Governor candidate in 2010. This opportunity comes only once every four years, and it only applies to the Governor’s race. Gaining ballot status will enable the Green Party to run more peace candidates, more single-payer […]

2010: Long Island Poetry Collective presents Super Poem Sunday

2011 Update: This year’s Super Poem Sunday at the Walt Whitman Birthplace will be Sunday, February 6, 2011 from 12pm to 4pm. Info: here. Please join the Long Island Poetry Collective for the second annual bout of Super Poem Sunday on February 7th, 2010!  Before going off to the same old boring Super Bowl party, […]