Australian Green Party: Assange’s rights should be upheld

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today the government needs to make it very clear that Julian Assange has the same rights as any other Australian who is abroad and that his rights will be looked after by the Australian authorities. “Australian citizenships should be respected and he should be reassured that his citizenship is […]

US Green Party congratulates Australian Green Party on Parliament election victories

• Australia‘s ‘greenslide’ is a result of Proportional Representation — a reform promoted by Greens for fair elections in the US • “Hung Parliament” will give Australian Greens unprecedented power The Green Party of the United States congratulates Australian Greens ( on their ‘greenslide’ in Australia’s parliamentary elections on Saturday, August 21.  Preliminary results show […]

Australian Parliament Goes Green Party — Congress is Next!

Congratulations to the Australian Green Party! Last weekend the Green Party elected its first member of the Australian House of Representatives.  The party also won 14% of the vote in the Australian Senate, winning the balance of power in that body.  Because neither of the major parties hold a majority, each must come to the […]

Floods in Australia. Insurer blames global warming for losses

In The Syndney Morning Herald, an article, “Thousands evacuate in Australia flood emergency” notes:

Christie Brinkley comments on Millstone

At a conference on sustainability, Christie Brinkley discusses new information that Millstone nuclear power plant recently had a safety violation.

WordPress Hawt Post: Australian Greens Senators

Hawt Post It’s on? [image] I’m in ur guvmint house, callin ur election. Or, at least, about to be, apparently… UPDATE: I diffrunt now. I carez bout u. U re-elect me? Kthxbai. GreensBlog – the official blog of the Australian Greens Senators