Two lives to reflect on…unjust deaths

I had remembered hearing about the death of a young man in an institution in Staten Island this month. I had put aside the story to blog about it when I felt I had the emotional energy to do it justice. Then, I forgot about it. Yesterday, I went to a statewide meeting about autism […]

12/13/2010: NY State Board of Regents Meeting

My trip to Albany The NY State Board of Regents recently took a vote that approved a lot of bad things for the disability community. What bothers me the most is that they took away a safeguard mandate that guaranteed students with autism a certain amount of speech and language classes.

NY State Regents: Tell them they were wrong. Ask them to change their mind.

KW writes: Today, the NY State Board of Regents made decisions that overturned 20 years of rights given to students with autism in New York State. There had been in place a much-needed requirement that students with autism be entitled to 5 days of speech a week. Those speech/social skills classes would help those students: […]

At noon today: NY Board of Regents may take away important promises to students with autism

Update 11/17/2010: The NY State Board of Regents did it! They voted to take away the specific requirements for speech services for students with autism. By many media accounts, they set back the clock 20 years on services to students with autism. Story and list of NY State Regents Board members: here. There is an […]

Radio Host Michael Savage disses children with autism

See action alert link at “keep reading/more.” A friend of mine who is an education advocate sent me this. Then, I saw the story in my local daily paper. Please consider sending a message to Michael Savage (and the right wing.) From Newsday: <<Children’s advocates are demanding that conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage […]