Kenniss Henry, Mother of Recently Deceased US Senate Cand Natasha Pettigrew, Picked by Maryland Green Party

Kenniss Henry, mother of deceased Green Party Senate candidate Natasha Pettigrew, filed her certificate of candidacy Monday afternoon to fill the nomination left vacant by the death of her daughter last week. Pettigrew was bicycling along the shoulder of Route 202 in Prince George’s County when she was hit early last Sunday morning by an […]

Cynthia McKinney: Bike4Peace Update: Days 24 -29

The song that keeps going around in my head for this week is by Gil Scott Heron and it goes like this: “ This ain’t really life, ain’t really life, ain’t really . . . nothin’ but a movie.”  Because we went from extraordinary to surreal in just a matter of hours. Gil Scott Heron […]

CYNTHIA MCKINNEY BICYCLE AGONISTES – How my first day of bike training trained me!!

Well, I do want as many of you as possible to participate in some way in our cross-country bike for peace.  Some of you will ride, some of you will support, some of you will pray/chant/meditate for us and keep the positive vibrations with us while our core group is out there on the road.  […]