Kenyans again protest GMO imports (via Food Freedom)

By Daily Nation Anne Maina of the African Bio-diversity Network says the introduction of patented seeds and related chemicals into Kenya’s farming systems threatens the country’s agricultural practices, its livelihoods, the environment, “and undermines our seed sovereignty”. The House (Parliamentary) Committee on Agriculture has also warned that opening up the country to genetically modified products […]

Organic Spies Video Report Details Systemic Corruption at the Organic Trade Assn (via Food Freedom)

 Why the Organic Trade Association and corporate organic food brands do NOT want labeling of genetically engineered foods: In the video we show financial evidence that the President of the Board of Directors of the OTA, Julia Sabin, VP/GM of Smucker Natural individually profits from Smucker selling GE foods. Documentary Links Proving Corruption of the […]

New Study: Bt gene retards growth, causes sterility in GM crops (via Food Freedom)

First planted in the U.S. by Monsanto and in China by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1997, transgenic crops using the Bacillus thuringiensis gene that makes the Cry1Ac protein include cotton, rice, corn (maize), tomatoes, and soybean, which are grown in 19 nations. See chart at bottom. ~Ed. By The Telegraph Calcultta, India […]