Blogging vs. Poetry: Sparrow comments

[youtube=] About the video…

Wikileaks situation – Message to US Government: “Leave the blonde alone, and get to work!”

Kimberly writes: When someone really, really screws up, they need a smokescreen or scapegoat, so everyone will look the other way. It is a great idea, if you are a little kid who takes out your mom’s vase from the hutch to look at it, and your little brother knocks it off the coffee table. […]

Help spread the good news over at blogher: McKinney/Clemente

BlogHer, over at calls itself “The Community for Women Who Blog.” They are having a blogging convention this weekend — in real life in San Francisco, and with a frenzy of updates and posts on their web-site — and you are invited to dive in and get the word out about Cynthia McKinney and […]