Rove gets nabbed…wanna help expose him?

KW: I have to hand it to the Huffington Post. They really took the correct angle on the story about the release of documents showing Karl Rove’s participation in the US Attorney firings. The HP is sending their readers straight to the documents (here) and asking people to review the material, and posts excerpts and […]

Obama “Roves” Into Bush Territory

(excerpt from) Common Man News Obama Seeks Delay in Deciding on Rove Subpoena By Marisa Taylor and Margaret Talev / Tuesday, February 17, 2009 The Obama administration is asking for two more weeks to weigh in on whether former Bush White House officials must testify before Congress about the firings of nine U.S. attorneys. The […]

Election Judge dumbfounded her ballot was rejected

Remember in 2000, when the Supreme Court decided in Bush v. Gore that while Americans have a right to vote, they did not necessarily have the right to have their vote counted? Fate may have provided Americans with revenge (and maybe a change of heart?) with one judge in Minnesota. An election judge in Minnesota, […]

Bush revokes pardon for LI developer Toussie

The old headline from Newsday was, “President George Bush pardoned Isaac Robert Toussie, who was involved in a Suffolk real estate scam.” Now, this: (excerpt from) The New York Times Pardon Lasts Just One Day for Developer in Fraud Case By David Stout and Eric Lichtblau WASHINGTON — President Bush changed his mind on Christmas […]

President George Bush pardoned Isaac Robert Toussie, who was involved in a Suffolk real estate scam. — Newsday.comou

[Note: In a stunning development, on 12/24/2008, this pardon was revoked!] President George Bush pardoned Isaac Robert Toussie, who was involved in a Suffolk real estate scam. — Posted using ShareThis

Green Zone Theatre and the Shoe Drama

Excellent post that puts things in perspective. Please follow link to read. from Khaleej Times Online Green Zone Theatre and the Shoe Drama Ramzy Baroud / 24 December 2008 The plot, so unexpectedly, thickened in Iraq on a Sunday like no other. The two main actors — US President George W. Bush, and Iraqi Prime […]

The world must see al-Zeidi. The world should watch his life story video.

Sign petition to support al-Zeidi: here at CodePink. KW: I am extremely concerned that the world was promised a “court appearance” by the eloquent shoe-thrower, Muntader al-Zeidi. Yet, he never appeared. The court only claimed that he had seen a judge with a court-appointed lawyer. Since there are conflicting accounts on if he was beaten […]

Al-Zeidi goes from minister’s security guards to Iraqi Military Command

I think it is important for people to come to know journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi, speak his name, and watch what the governments of Iraq (and the United States?) have in store for him. I am grateful to the article below for showing me exactly who is keeping the man in custody.

Stop Bush from issuing secret, blanket pardons for torture, etc.

Sign petition: here. This call to action is from the American Freedom Campaign, whose founders include Wes Boyd and Naomi Wolf: Tell Congress to pass a Pardons Disclosure Act to prevent President Bush from issuing secretive, blanket pardons to members of his administration

Green Party: McKinney is the real peace candidate, not Obama/McCain

Votes for Green Party nominees McKinney and Clemente will build a permanent alternative to the bipartisan war agenda, say Green Party leaders. Green Party warn that antiwar Americans will waste their votes if they vote for Obama or McCain, citing their positions on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Middle East Green Party leaders urged Americans […]