My LI Pulse Green Energy Rant: Director’s Cut

IW: My article: starts: Over 30 years ago, President Carter put solar panels on the White House. But don’t go looking for them—President Reagan took them down. Bush 1 and Clinton kept them down. Bush 2 did put three smallish solar collectors on the White House grounds for a maintenance shed and the pool, but […]

EdgeLeft: the Mystery of North Korea by David McReynolds

(EdgeLeft is an occasional column which can be reprinted and distributed without further permission) Earlier this month Doug Hostetter sent me an invitation to a slide show and report at the Church Mission to the UN on his recent trip to North Korea (the DPRK – Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea). Doug, as some of […]

17 miners trapped, 20 workers killed in coal mine explosion in China

(excerpt from) CNN 20 killed in China coal mine blast October 16, 2010 (CNN) — A gas explosion Saturday killed at least 20 workers and 17 more were trapped at a coal mine in central China, authorities said China’s State Administration of Work Safety said about 276 workers were underground in the mine in Henan […]

Flood in coal mine in China traps 123 miners

(excerpt from) Reuters Flood in new China coal mine traps 123 miners (Reuters) – Rescuers were searching for more than 120 coal miners trapped when a pit under construction in north China’s Shanxi province flooded on Sunday, the official Xinhua news agency reported… KW: Sending good thoughts and hope to the miners, their families, and […]

Do all these earthquakes mean something?

Update for November 2, 2011: In Oklahoma, earthquakes could be a result of “fracking”, natural gas extraction. Story: here. Info from The US Geological Survey about earthquakes is here. Gives dates, magnitude, and info for recent summer 2011 Virginia and Colorado earthquakes. August, 2011, Earthquake analysis: Did fracking (gas and oil extraction) cause the Virginia […]

Global Warming and the Rise and Fall of Dynasties

The focus of this story is how a stalagmite showed cycles of drought related to the end of dynasties in China. Though, the stalagmite also shed light on global warming. Thought it was of interest to greens. -KW

Donate to help China and Myanmar (Burma)

I am very careful about where I donate money. I decided to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders/MSF in order to give assistance to Myanmar and China. May 16, 2008 MSF Teams Working in China’s Quake-hit Areas © MSF Earthquake death toll in southwest China’s Sichuan Province has exceeded 19,500 by Thursday, May 15, […]