Occupy Alert: Arrests at Occupy Cincinnati

Update on Friday morning: More than two dozen arrested at Occupy Cincinnati. Cincinnati.com has updated story: here. From Cincinnati.com: “A spokeswoman for Occupy Cincinnati said the group will return to the park today and hold an 8 a.m. press conference. According to a press release posted at at occupycincy.org, the protesters said they were upset […]

Columbia University struggles with the Wikileaks question…

Latest advice to students of the international program is to YES study Wikileaks. Full story: here.

Global Green Parties celebrate front-runner Colombian presidential candidate Antanas Mockus

Mockus will be first Green Party head of state Global Greens Coordination has issued a statement on the possible victory of Green Party Antanas Mockus in the upcoming Colombian presidential election on Sunday, May 30.  Polls have shown Mr. Mockus leading in his race against Juan Manuel Santos of the ruling ‘U’ Party. If elected, […]

Green is for Go in Colombia

from the Council on Hemispheric Affairs An extraordinary event may be reflected in Colombia’s electoral polling: conceivably the politics of thuggery, corruption and Bogotá-inspired violence under the ruling Uribe administration, is being successfully challenged by Mockus’ Green Party. The amazing rise of Antanas Mockus and his Green Party in Colombia belies the stereotype, common even […]

In Columbia: 1,500 police arrest 160 fans at Metallica Concert

KW: Not sure what to say, or who to blame about all this, but it is a strange and unsettling story. Perhaps a lesson in de-militarization of the police. Check out the water-gun tanks (used on unruly music fans)… (excerpt from) Spin …Rumors of fans crashing the gig had circulated on Facebook prior to the […]

War, peace and democracy: News from Honduras and Columbia

A colleague of ours who is active in LI SOA Watch sent this article to us. And, I also see it posted here. Zelaya and Coup Regime Agree to Resolution! Latin America today awoke to two extraordinary announcements that will impact the region for years to come; one in Honduras producing tentative hope, and the […]

Maria Murillo of WBAI reporting from Columbia

For Immediate Release: October 13th, 2008 From: Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, ACIN Contact: Manuel Rozental, Communication Network, ACIN Cel: (011) 57-311-339-7341 / Email: acincauca at yahoo dot es Website: http://www.nasa_acin.org Dirty War of Terror Being Waged Against Indigenous Movement in Colombia Second Day of Indigenous Movement’s Popular Mobilization Begins After Two Indigenous […]

McKinney: Web debate on – (NYC in-person debate off)

Press release direct from Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney that web debate is on. (Though, it may be an interview with Cynthia McKinney.) Also, an e-mail from the organization who had been planning the other, live debate, at Columbia that there in-person debate is off. (See bottom of this post.) Green nominee Cynthia McKinney […]

Third Party Debate in NYC this Sunday?: Still all guesses

Update: As of 7:22 pm: The WEB DEBATE IS ON, and Cynthia McKinney will participate. The live debate proposed for Columbia is canceled. Received e-mail from organization at Columbia. -KW In case you are interested in A. Possibly seeing a Third Party Debate in NYC this weekend or B. Knowing if there will be a […]