In celebration of the FMLN win in El Salvador!

Music by Jorge Renderos. Jorge was a musician from El Salvador, who passed away a little too soon to witness the victory he helped to nurture. The video is of a song Jorge sung in Spanish to honor the life of a fellow peace and justice activist in his second home of Long Island, New […]

In El Salvador: The left won! FMLN candidate wins election to president

Article describing the win in El Salvador, where the FMLN presidential candidate Mauricio Funes was elected on March 15, 2009. Includes video of Jorge Renderos, a musician from El Salvador, singing in Spanish about justice (archival footage.)

US threats exposed: US Congresspeople intimidate in El Salvador elections

Two American Congresspeople, Rep. Trent Franks and Rep. Dan Burton, threaten and intimidate El Slavadoran refugees from inside the halls of Congress. In El Salvador, there are elections on Sunday, March 15th, with parties FMLN versus ARENA.

Photos and notes: Memorial for Jorge Renderos

Fri. Nov. 9th: Ecumenical Service for peace, martyrs, and closing of the SOA

On Friday, November 9, 2007, there will be an Ecumenical Service of Remembrance for the 18th anniversary of the assassination of the 6 Jesuit Priests and their co-workers in El Salvador. You are invited to join in faith and solidarity to celebrate in their honor and in honor of the four American Churchwomen, Archbishop Romero […]