Vegan Super Bowl (via Part Time Vegan)

Whether or not you, too, are going to be saddened watching two other teams play in your favorite team’s stadium this Super Bowl Sunday, you can enjoy, feed and inspire your guests with a Vegan Super Bowl feast. Or, if you will be a guest this Super Bowl Sunday, bring along a couple of these awesome […]

Eco-Saturday: NFL Stadiums and Golf Carts Go Green –

The greens are going green in Memphis, Tenn., as pop idol Justin Timberlake sinks $16 million into an eco-friendly golf course in his hometown. It’s 18 holes on 7,000 acres, with drainage and watering set up to make the best use of natural rainfall and preserve the resort’s native wetlands and wildflowers. Next up? Solar-powered […]

Dave Zirin on Super Bowl Fever in New Orleans and the Militarization of Sport’s Biggest Spectacle

via Sportswriter Dave Zirin, author of A People’s History of Sports in the United States, says the New Orleans Saints’ Super Bowl appearance—at least for the moment—is boosting spirits in New Orleans on a level unseen since Hurricane Katrina. Zirin also discusses pro athletes who have stood up for gay rights and how the […]

Boston Herald: Favre & McKinney

Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney makes the corporate media, and the sports section at that! from Jets keep fueling rivalry: Brett Favre trade adds new storyline with Patriots So when white puffs of smoke escaped from the chimney at NFL headquarters late Wednesday night, indicating that poor Brett Favre had finally been liberated from […]