The War Machine has sprung forward…spring back…

The following demonstrations were called with the purpose of protesting FBI raids on peace activists which appear to be a government action to stifle dissent. Note that over the weekend, NATO did air strikes in Pakistan. It appears that the war machine is taking steps forward. It would be good for the peace movement to […]

Suffolk Police, federal probes and better practices…

Gggggrrrr! It is such a shame that our biggest, local newspaper is Newsday, and they cut and ran behind a pay wall. It is really abusive of them to use our elected officials as sources, and take all the privileges of the media, and then force people to pay Newsday, or use their other corporate […]

AP: Obama Administration Continues Bush Civil Liberties Erosion

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned a long-standing ruling that stopped police from initiating questions unless a defendant’s lawyer was present, a move that will make it easier for prosecutors to interrogate suspects. : The Obama administration had asked the court to overturn Michigan v. Jackson, disappointing civil rights and civil liberties […]

Where can you hang a sign in your town?

Below is the story of activists pushing the pedal to the metal. Do we have a right to Free Speech in this country? Are we truly allowed the Freedom to Assemble? You know, you need to tell people where to meet in order to assemble. I have long thought that a good project for a […]