MOGP Senate cand Midge Potts Ends Walk Across Missouri Due to Injury

Midge Potts, Progressive/Green Party Candidate for US Senate, who began walking from Missouri ‘s only nuclear power reactor in Callaway County on April 10th, announced on Monday that she had to end her trek early because of a pulled tendon she suffered during her attempt to reach the Honeywell nuke bomb parts factory in Kansas […]

MO GP US Senate cand Potts Recommends Cutting Bloated Military Spending to Balance Budget

US Senate Candidate Says More Is Needed Than Just Discretionary Spending Caps On Wednesday February 3rd, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama spoke on the Senate floor to argue for his amendment to the Tax, Unemployment, Highways Bill that would cap discretionary spending at 2%. In the State of the Union address, President Obama suggested a […]

MO Green Party US Senate Cand Midge Potts, Demands REAL Universal Health Care

Reconciliation in Senate Should Not Be Used to Pass a Bad Bill The capitol hill newspaper, Politico, reported on Wednesday that Senator Harkin (D-IA) revealed Senate leadership would use the “reconciliation” to pass the health care reform bill that has been hotly debated in America over the past year. Midge Potts, Progressive/Green candidate for US […]

Mo. GreenParty, US Senate candidate show support for nuclear disarmament

Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Transformation Endorsed by Progressive Party of Missouri US Senate Candidate Speaks in Support of Proposition One at Honeywell Nuclear Bomb Plant Press Conference in Kansas City On Saturday, October 3, at their annual state meeting in Columbia, the Progressive Party of Missouri voted unanimously to endorse the efforts of the Proposition […]

Missouri apologizes to 3rd parties for unfair report

The Missouri Department of Public Safety issued an apology to third parties and third party candidates for their document, MAIC, which profiled militia members as having Ron Paul, Bob Barr, or Chuck Baldwin bumper stickers on their cars.

Making spanking worse: Spanking of children in Missouri Schools

Update – More research on spanking is: here. Evidently, in Missouri, teachers are still allowed to spank children in school. I think that is appalling. And, it makes me think that some activists should probably focus on making sure no schools in any state are allowed to use corporal punishment on children. It is outrageous […]