In Maine: A newspaper helps the government suppress ballot access

KW: Seems like some letters of complaint to the Press-Herald are in order. from Ballot Access News, editor Richard Winger Portland, Maine Press-Herald Thinks Maine Ballot Access is Too Easy March 20th, 2010 The Portland, Maine daily newspaper, the Portland Press Herald, has this editorial in its March 17 issue. The editorial says it is […]

Portland: Greens becoming effective bloc in city politics

Hat/tip to Ballot Access News for the story. KW: Reading this story makes you think that the NY State Senate could use some Green Party members… (excerpt from) Portland Press Herald Greens sprout into effective bloc in city politics Three city councilors focus their advocacy on key issues, but critics say economic development suffers. PORTLAND […]

Green Party Election Round-up 2007

Wins, possible wins and accomplishments in 2007: Win!: Green Party candidate John Anton won his race for Portland, Maine City Council. Anton finished first of 4 candidates for 2 at-Large seats with 6,320 votes or 29.04%. Photo above of David Lussier at the October 2007 Green Party of New York State Committee Meeting with Betty […]