Guv cand Howie Hawkins (G-NY): How is the MTA like an ATM?

Q. You strongly oppose the MTA’s vote earlier this month to raise subway fares. A lot of East Village residents heavily rely on the subway – why is this issue important to you? A.We’ve got to take the MTA out of the hands of the bankers who’ve turned it into an ATM for them. We […]

Long Island bus service cuts?: MTA public hearing

Kimberly writes: On a light note on the topic, I got a first hand report on the MTA Hearing from my friend Daniel Karpen. He attended the hearing in Garden City.  Daniel reports that he told stories of the horrors of the current train system that caused all of the MTA commissioners and some of […]

MTA passes massive fare hikes: price of LIRR raised

The Metropolitan Transportation Association’s board (MTA) raised subway, bus and train fares, increased bridge and tunnel tolls, and enacted plans for severe service cuts. LIRR fares will increase.

LI Commuters: Government refund on LIRR fair available

Info on the refund program is: here.

Bronx County Green Party Faults State and City Elected Leader for MTA Crisis

Announces New Initiative to Put Candidates on the Ballot Green Party of New York State Committee members from Bronx County will appear at the MTA Fare Increase hearing at the Westchester County Center today. In addition to the Westchester public hearing today, officials from the Bronx County Green Party will also attend the Bronx public […]

Protect Public Transportation: MTA Hearing – save the W. Hemspstead LIRR Branch

Brought to our attention by Mark Finkel: The MTA is considering closing all weekend service for the W. Hempstead LIRR branch. Many people along the branch do not have cars, and rely on train service for all their travel. I understand the economy is slowing down. Though, are we going to force some people to […]