At NYC Mayor debates, third parties rise up: Rev. Billy heckles; socialists ejected; lots of press coverage

Green Party Mayor candidate Reverend Billy Talen and other third party candidates were excluded from the October 13th Mayoral debate. Talen attended, heckled, and was escorted out of the venue. A commenter at the NY Times site says that two supporters of the Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate Frances Villar were also thrown out. Reverend Billy received extensive press coverage, including: The NY Times; The Daily News; Gotham Schools; Ballot Access News and The Village Voice.

NY statewide poll: Governor approval, Legislature approval and Term Limits

Thanks to Ballot Acces News for the story. WGRZ TV Term Limits: What You Think, Governor Reacts Frustrated, fuming and fed up. That’s what 2 On Your Side is hearing from you about Albany politicians in your emails, in online chats and in your phone calls. One idea that came to us several times in […]

Mayor Bloomberg, again? Bill on term limits in NYC advances

from Ballot Access News New York Bill to Require New York City Popular Vote on Term Limits Advances February 25th, 2009 On February 25, the New York State Assembly Election Law Assembly passed A1224. If it is signed into law, it would require New York city voters to vote in May 2009 on whether they […]

Wild rumor and speculation: A Green Mayor for NYC?

Green response to the in-house vote of elected officials in New York City to extend their own terms:

Bloomberg wins battle to change term limits

From Fox News/AP (This is an update at 11:44pm. I could swear that the Fox News story said the opposite this afternoon. But, I was rushing to catch a train. Gee….I really do have to see what happened. But, now, the news is Bloomberg won. -KW

This just in: Proposal to change term limits passes committee…on to full body

Update: Thursday, Oct. 23rd at 4:02pm: Term limits defeated! by full council. — I am not sure if there is an official position anywhere from the Green Party on New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s scheme to overturn referendum and law and allow himself another term. But, Green sentiment seems to be against it. And, I […]