It is my firm belief that subcritical tests are an extension of the 41-year-long nuclear testing program of the United States government at the Nevada Test Site that began in 1951 and ‘ended’ in 1992. A subcritical underground test – which I place in the same category as a nuclear test – is a break […]

John Murtha dies (and the implications on war and peace)

Condolences to the family of  Congressperson John Murtha. Apart from the loss of a respected person and elected official, Murtha’s death will also have serious implications on war and peace, because he was the Chair of the United States House of Representatives Defense Appropriations Sub-Committee. Murtha belonged to the Democratic Party. The full story at […]

If the war came to your backyard, would you try to stop it?

Do you know that a company in Long Island, New York, is part of manufacturing parts for predator drones? Predator drones are operated by men and women in Nevada, who program them to kill people half a world away in Iraq and Afghanistan. (A Democracy Now! story about drones linked here and excerpted below.) Will […]