Green Party wins for 2008

Here is a list of Green Party candidates who won elected office in 2008. There’s 18. More results may come in. Arkansas Richard Carroll was elected to Arkansas State Legislature, District 34. California Bruce Delgado was elected to Mayor of Marina City, Monterey County, CA (pop. 25,000) Ross Mirkarimi was re-elected to San Francisco Board […]

Green Party member in Florida wins re-election

The article is here. Cara Jennings, a Green Party member, who won re-election to Lake Worth City Commission Seat 2, District 2 in Palm Beach County Florida. Cara Jennings’ web-site notes: During my second term, I will continue to work on: -improving our electric utility -public safety -maintaining public control of our beach -creating more […]

The Green Party wins a seat in the Arkansas State Legislature

You gotta take your wins how you find them. There was an odd situation in Arkansas, with a major party candidate getting pulled off the ballot. So, our Green Party candidate faced only write-in opposition. But, a win is a win. And, we have not had many elected official at the State Legislature level, so… […]