February 13th is the deadline to make your voice heard by submitting comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – expressing your support for Public, Educational, Governmental (PEG) Community Access TV.  

What is happening at the FCC?
The FCC has announced it is reconsidering its rulemaking on local franchising. This could have huge implications for PEG Community Access TV as it is local franchises that make PEG Community Access TV possible. A good FCC ruling reflecting the public’s support for local franchising could influence Congressional activity around any new legislation on this issue. We need Community Access TV producers and supporters to tell the FCC why we need franchising rules that support PEG Community Access TV.

Where to go to file?
Manhattan Neighborhood Network has set up a web page where you can quickly and easily file your comments with the FCC. The page contains simple “how-to” instructions. Click here to file your public comments:

What are the bills now in Washington about?
The telephone companies want to compete with the Cable TV companies in providing video-services to consumers, but they don’t want to play by the same rules as the Cable TV Companies. They are seeking to avoid having to negotiate the local franchises that Cable TV companies now have. Local franchises ensure that channel space and resources are available for Community Access TV; that cable and telecommunications companies offering video services in the community are accountable to the local public interest; that companies offer affordable services and don’t “redline” low-income communities; and that they are responsive to customer complaints.

In Washington the telephone companies are now pushing for legislation that could dismantle these local franchises. This would lead to all kinds of repercussions for the public – including ending Community Access TV, and silencing the many voices in communities from coast-to-coast that exercise their freedom of _expression on Community Access every day. You can play a crucial role in promoting media democracy and media justice by filing your comments in support of Community Access TV and calling for the protection and advancement of this valuable local resource in our communities that gives us a voice. Tell the FCC to support the local franchises that make PEG Access TV possible. This lets Washington how you stand on this issue.

For more info on these bills:

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