standing on the “A” train

hoping i’m not travelling uptown
i seek comfort in the familiar
poetry in motion placard
the falcon does not hear the falconer
eyes snap to the right
Yeat’s Second Coming

in the card file of my emotions
this untitled moment
cross references
to museum shuffling
through MOMA
facing a my first Van Gogh
I understand
that all reproductions
are merely pornography
technically correct
no soul
shuffling plants me
in front of a second
and third Van Gogh
I can no longer breath

returning to the introductory eight line segment
it grows too large
for this subway car
as if I came across Paul McCartney busking
filling the 34th street station
with “I am the Walrus”
suddenly understanding he is
& as I  jump aboard the train
fear of wasting my convictions
on the gyre
while no placard warns of
the beast slouching toward Bethlehem

2 Responses

  1. Lovely blog and I really enjoyed visiting your blog!

  2. Such a sad end to such a brilliant painter, enjoyed reading your post.

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