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GPSuffolk St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser, Fri 3/17/06

My apologies to Holley and some of the candidates for not getting pictures of them in action.  I was distracted by doing stage-managing, and did not remember until half way through. 

merrick 020.jpg

Holley Anderson holding her son Coleman
& playing with the Snyder boys.

brian1.jpgThe Green Party of Suffolk County held its its 2nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser on Friday, March 17th, 2006 from 7pm to 10pm at the Setauket Neighborhood House, 95 Main Street, Setauket.  It was a fabulous evening of Music, Food, Candidates, and Auctions. Children were in attendance.  Vegetarian and Vegan dishes were served.  Music for the evening was be performed by Long Island singer-song writer Brian Sendrowitz,with a cameo appearance by Brooklyn green activist and radical, feminist, folk singer Holley Anderson.

Among Sendrowitz’s influences are Prince, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Van Morrison, and the Beat writers. When Sendrowitz released his first record, Morning is Broken in 1998, Newsday’s Kevin Amorim remarked, “You may just think you’re listening to a young, American version of Cat Stevens.”


merrick 018.jpg


Later albums include This Fleeting House, and When It Comes on Like a Dream, which was produced by frequent collaborator Philip A. Jiminez, and made the Top 30 albums of 2004 on the Cool as Folk show in Davis, CA.  Currently, Sendrowitz is recording the Beat Radio debut album in Huntington. Beat Radio is an indie rock outfit that played their first show in June of 2005.  (Got a copy of the Beat Radio EP.  It is lush.) Sendrowitz is an enrolled Green, who lives with his wife Elizabeth and their two young sons.  Photos of Sendrowitz performing

merrick 009.jpgThe evening will also include a short set by feminist, folk musician Holley Anderson, aka Holly-Go-Anarchy. Anderson’s music has been compared to the Violent Femmes.  She is currently recording her new album, Why Am I Not A Lesbian?. Anderson is a Green activist from Brooklyn, who has been the musical side of book tours with her investigative journalist husband and their young son.


The candidates for the Green Party 2006 Governor race and statewide slate of candidates are also invited. The Green Party is an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans. The Green Party does not accept corporate contributions. The Green Party’s values can be described by its four pillars: Nonviolence; Grassroots Democracy; Ecological Wisdom; and Social and Economic Justice.

 merrick 019.jpg 

GPNYS Attorney General hopeful Carl Persons

merrick 016.jpg

GPNYS US Senate hopeful Steve Greenfield

merrick 015.jpg

GPNYS US Senate hopeful Sander Hicks

merrick 0231.jpg

GP Congressional candidate Jim Brown (3rd-NY)

merrick 022.jpg

GP gubernatorial hopeful Jeff Peress on the left

merrick 025.jpg

GPNYS Lt. Governor hopeful Kimberly Wilder

merrick 021.jpg 

Auctioneer Jennifer Snyder with the help of sons Timothy &
Donovan, & husband/GPSuffolk chair Roger run the teacup auction.

Donations and/or requests for advance tickets can be sent to: Green Party of Suffolk, 14 Robin Drive, Huntington, NY 11743.  For more information call 351-5763 (Roger).

2 Responses

  1. From Kimberly:

    Here is the quick, morning after report:

    It is Saturday, March 18th.

    Last night was wonderful. Great music. Wonderful food. (One new green made 3, exotic vegan dishes; our GP Suffolk Chair made his famous crockpot mac and cheese and other good stuff; lots of other good vegetarian and vegan food.)

    There were (very brief) candidate speeches by: Jeff Peress; Steve Greenfield; Sander Hicks; Carl Person, Jim Brown, and me for Lt. Governor. A local progresive Dem the Greens endorsed once announced a peace vigil going on today.

    The auction was lots of fun. People love circulating each other’s “stuff.” And, there was some really good original art that made peopel very happy, too.

    There was actually about a 5 person clean-up crew. Pretty good! Learned that fireman are good at doing dishes!!!!!

    A good time was had by all.


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