Profile America – Tuesday, April 4. It didn't make headlines around the nation, but on this day in 1887, the citizens of the small town of Argonia, Kan., made history. They voted Susanna Salter to be their mayor — making her the first woman elected to that position in the country. The election was a surprise to Salter, since her name had been put on the ballot without her knowledge by a group favoring prohibition of alcohol. Although just 27 years old, Salter received two-thirds of the vote and served in office for a year at the salary of $1. She went on to live to the age of 101. Today, 81 women have been elected to statewide executive offices, and nearly 1,700 serve in state legislatures. Find these and more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau on the Web at http://www.census.gov.

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